The Best Jailbreak Solutions For iOS 18 - 15.0 [2024]

There is the best opportunity to customize your iPhone and iPad with “Virtual Jailbreak”.

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iOS 17.0 - iOS 17.5.1 and iOS 18 Beta

The best jailbreak solutions for iOS 18.0, iOS 17.0, iOS 16.0, iOS 15 users.

Jailbreak Solutions

Virtual jailbreak experience for all iOS and iPadOS users (without root access).

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One subscription for lifetime access (VIP Mode unlocked).

Regular Updates

Always up-to-date with the latest iOS versions and continuously adding new updates iOSPack Store.

Secure and Trustworthy

100% safe third party app store. 24/7 support.

Bootstra AI

Bootstra AI

AI powered jailbreak tool iOS 18.0, iOS 17.5.1 - 17.0, iOS 16.0, and iOS 15.0 on all devices. The AI jailbreaking method to customize your iPhone or iPad device is by utilizing the iOS AI tool. The official jailbreak prompts are available for more than just jailbreak solutions and customizations with Bootstra AI.

  • Support Versions: iOS 18.0 - iOS 15.0
  • Support Devices : All iPhone and iPad Models
  • Compatibility : Both jailbreak and no jailbreak devices

Get your jailbreak experience with the Bootstra AI tool. Get »

Cydia Plus

Cydia Plus

Cydia itself is a third-party package manager for jailbroken iOS devices, providing a platform for users to discover and install software packages on their jailbroken iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches.

Unlock customization on non-jailbroken iOS devices with Cydia Plus! Compatible with the latest iOS 7 versions, like iOS 18.0, iOS 17.5.1, and below, it brings the Cydia experience without the need to jailbreak. Discover the latest tweaks, ++ apps, third-party stores, and more. Note: Cydia Plus offers enhanced customization but is not the official Cydia experience. Read More »

  • Support Versions & Devices: iOS 15 - iOS 18.0 All iPhones
  • Non Jailbroken Devices : Compatible

Sileo Plus

Sileo : An Alternative App Store for Jailbroken iOS Devices.

Sileo Plus : An Alternative App Store to Sileo for Both Jailbroken and Non-Jailbroken iOS Devices.

  • Support Versions: iOS 15 - iOS 18.0
  • Support Devices : All iPhone Models
  • Non Jailbroken Devices : Compatible

Sileo Plus is a virtual experience for the Sileo package manager. It is allowed to install tweaked apps, themes, and more customizations for all iOS versions (include iOS 18.0 beta, iOS 17.5.1 and below). Get »

Anemone Plus

Anemone Plus

Anemone: A Theme App for Jailbroken iOS Devices.

Anemone Plus: Alternative App for the Official Anemone App.

Anemone Plus provides iOS themes, iOS customizations, and iOS tweaks for all iOS devices running iOS 18.0, iOS 17.5.1, and below. Anemone Plus is compatible with both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. You can get full access to Anemone Plus with the iOSPack Store. Get »

  • Support Versions: iOS 18.0, and below
  • Support Devices : All iPhone Models
  • Non Jailbroken Devices : Compatible
Unc0ver Jailbreak

Unc0ver Jailbreak (Virtual)

Unc0ver is a jailbreaking tool for iOS devices. It unlocks root access, granting users full control over their devices. It enables extensive customization and the installation of non-App Store apps.

Virtual Unc0ver is not an official Unc0ver tool, it's a virtual experience about the Unc0ver jailbreak. After jailbreaking your iPhone (virtually) using the virtual Unc0ver tool, install Cydia Plus as a virtual package manager tool. Get »

  • Unc0ver (Virtual) Compatibility: iOS 18.0 - iOS 15.0
  • Support Devices : All iPhone Models
  • Non Jailbroken Devices : Compatible
Dopamine Jailbreak

Dopamine Jailbreak (Virtual)

Dopamine Jailbreak is a rootless jailbreak tool for arm64e devices running iOS 15.0-15.4.1. Dopamine is based on Linus Henze's Fugu15 jailbreak but offers several enhancements, such as fixing the Wi-Fi bug, supporting tweak injection, and more.

  • The official Dopamine jailbreak tool is compatible with iOS 15.0 - 15.4.1 on some devices.
  • Dopamine Virtual Jailbreak is compatible with iOS 15 - iOS 17.5.1 and iOS 18.0 all devices.

Overall, the Dopamine virtual jailbreak offers iOS users the opportunity to customize their devices, access additional features, and explore a wider range of tweaks and modifications, all within the supported firmware versions and device compatibility parameters. Read More »

Cheyote Jailbreak

Cheyote Jailbreak (Virtual)

Cheyote Jailbreak is a rootless jailbreak tool for running iOS 15 to iOS 15.1.1. The Cheyote jailbreak allows users to gain more control over their iOS devices by removing certain restrictions imposed by Apple. Get »

  • The official Cheyote jailbreak is compatible with only iOS 15 - iOS 15.1.1 on some devices.
  • Cheyote virtual jailbreak allows for iOS 15 - iOS 17.5.1, and iOS 18.0 all devices.
  • You can get Cheyote jailbreak experience virtually.
  • The Cheyote tool allows both Cydia Plus and Sileo Plus package managers
  • Simple online jailbreaking process to install package managers.
  • Non Jailbroken Devices : Compatible
JBRunner Jailbreak

JBRunner (Virtual Jailbreak)

JBRunner is the latest virtual jailbreaking method for running iOS 16.0 - 17.5 all iPhone devices. Your latest iOS version can be virtually jailbroken with JBRunner to get access to more package managers.

It is the best way to get direct access to a virtual jailbreak for all package managers. Get »

    .4.1 and up.
  • Support Devices : All iPhone Models.
  • Non Jailbroken Devices : Compatible.
  • Features : No need root access.
Xina Jailbreak

Xina Jailbreak (Virtual)

Xina Jailbreak is a semi-untethered jailbreak tool developed for A12 to A15 devices running iOS 15.0 up to 15.1.1.

The virtual Xina jailbreak tool is an alternative virtual jailbreak solution for all iOS devices.

The virtual Xina jailbreak tool is compatible with iOS 15 - 17.0 on all iPhone devices. It is not an official Xina jailbreak tool, it's also a virtual experience about Xina jailbreak. After jailbreaking your device virtually, Sileo Plus will be the main package manager for you. Get »

  • Support Versions: iOS 15 - iOS 17.5.1 and iOS 18.0
  • Support Devices : All iPhone Models

iThemeHub Store

iThemeHub is the most popular iOS theme store for all iOS users looking to personalize and customize their devices. With a wide selection of the most popular themes and wallpapers, iThemeHub provides a seamless experience for users to transform the look and feel of their iPhones and iPads.

  • Support Versions: iOS 15 - 17.0 and 17.51 and up
  • Support Devices : All iPhone / iPod Models
  • Non Jailbroken Devices : Compatible
  • Features : Popular Premium Themes Free

Discover and download your favorite themes and wallpapers from iThemeHub to make your iOS device truly unique and personalized. Get »

TrollsMe TrollStore IPA Installer

TrollsMe TrollStore IPA Installer

Explore TrollStore 2 Magic with TrollsMe: Your Ultimate IPA Wonderland

TrollStore 2 is a parment IPA installer app for non-jailbroken devices like iOS 17, iOS 16, and iOS 15 devices.

TrollsMe is a TrollStore 2 compatible IPAs store. It is compatible with TrollStore 2 on all iOS and iPadOS devices.

  • TrollsMe Store: TrollStore support latest IPA collection
  • Regular Updates: New TrollStore Apps up-to-dates
  • Non Jailbroken Devices : Compatible

Discover and download TrollStore IPA collection in one store from TrollsMe Get »



iColony Store

iColony Store

iColony is the latest tweak apps, hack apps, and ++ apps collection for all iOS 14 - 16.0 and higher devices. Most popular apps, premium features are available for free with the latest IPAs in the iColany Store. Get »

iShorter Store

The latest iOS tweak collections are available for all iPhone / iPad users in the iShorter store. Get »
iDrows Store

iDrows Store

iDrows is a theming app for non-jailbroken iOS devices. You can install more themes without jailbreaking your device and customize app icons. Get »
iApps16 Store

iApps16 Store

iApps16 is an IPA library for iOS 16.0 and higher on all devices. There are iOS 16 IPA Installer apps, tweaked apps, MacDirtyCow apps, TrollStore apps, and the latest premium apps for free with the iApps16 store. Get »

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