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iOS 18 Jailbreak Solutions

The latest jailbreak solutions available for jailbreak iOS 18 beta online methods, iJ0ly Exploits Extractor, Bootstra AI for virtual jailbreaks, and iOSPack for tweaks and customizations.

iOS 18 jailbreak solutions (Jailbreak iOS 18 beta)

Official jailbreak tools do not support iOS 18 beta yet. However, there are more jailbreak solutions available to customize your iOS / iPadOS 18 device. 

01. Bootstra AI iOS 18 Jailbreak

Download Bootstra AI iOS 18 Jailbreak

BootstraAI iOS 18 jailbreak AI model is the first AI model for virtual jailbreaking iOS 18 (beta) on all iPhone and iPad devices.


Bootstra AI v1.4 (latest update) is compatible with all iOS 18 iPhone and iPad devices. 

Note: Bootstra AI is an AI model for virtual jailbreak solutions for iOS users, providing an array of powerful tools and prompts. Whether you’re looking to perform a virtual jailbreak, customize your iOS experience, extract virtual exploit functionalities, access tweaked stores, or access utilities, Bootstra AI has you covered. Optimize your iOS device with ease using Bootstra AI’s seamless AI model experience.

🚀 Bootstra AI iOS 18 compatible prompt list and new updates: Read More »

02. iJ0ly Exploit Extractor for iOS 18 

iOS 18.0 beta is the latest update for iPhone users, but official jailbreak tools aren’t available yet. iJ0ly steps in as a pioneering exploit extractor for iOS 18.0 – 17.0 devices. Utilizing the Bl0zze exploit, iJ0ly provides a virtual jailbreak experience, making it the only virtual jailbreak solution for the latest iOS devices.

Key Features:

  • Supports iOS 18.0 – iOS 17.0 iPhone and iPad devices
  • Virtual Jailbreak with Bl0zze Exploit
  • Two Methods:
    • iJ0ly Jailbreak Exploit: Access a full virtual jailbreak toolkit.
    • iJ0ly Jailed Exploit: Enjoy an all-in-one customization suite.

Unlock your device’s potential safely with iJ0ly, the ultimate solution for virtual jailbreak on iOS 18!. It is not real jailbreak only virtual solution for iOS 18 devices.

Download iJ0ly Extractor for iOS 18

With the Bootstra AI tool, the iJ0ly exploit extractor can be downloaded.

🚀 How can I download iJ0ly exploit extractor for iOS 18? Read more »

03. iOSPack Store iOS 18 (All-In-One Store)

iOSPack Store is your all-in-one jailbreak solution for iOS 18 – 15.0 on all iPhone and iPad devices. Offering virtual jailbreak tools like Unc0ver Jailbreak iOS 18 – 15.0, Dopamine Jailbreak iOS 18 – 15.0, and Cheyote Jailbreak iOS 18 – 15.0, iOSPack Store provides full access to the most popular jailbreak solutions and secure access to enhanced device functionality. 

iOSPack Store provides virtual Cydia Plus for iOS 18.0, the most popular tweaked apps with tweaked stores, customization stores for iOS 18.0, and virtual jailbreak tools. An iOSPack membership unlocks a variety of updates to jailbreak (virtual) and more customizations to optimize your iPhone or iPad.

iOSPack iOS 18 Jailbreak

4. Cowabunga Lite for iOS 18 (Mac / Windows)

Cowabunga Lite iOS 18

Cowabunga Lite latest update supports iOS 18 beta 1 on all iPhone and iPad devices. It is the best iOS 18 jailbreak alternative for customizing your iOS device.  

New Siri UI for iOS 18 – No Jailbreak

All devices running iOS 18 can now customize the Siri New Interface, with Cowabunga Lite available.

Enable New Siri UI iOS 18 with Cowabunga Lite (on Mac)

💡 Requirements: Disable Find My iPhone/iPad: Go to Settings > Find My > Find My iPhone/iPad and temporarily turn it off.

  1. Download the file using above download button (iOS 18 file).
  2. If you already have Cowabunga Lite, open the above iOS 18 file using Cowabunga Lite app (click Custom Operation > Click the Import .cowperation button and import above ‘.cowperation’ file).
  3. If you haven’t downloaded the Cowabunga Lite app on Mac, first download, unzip, and open the Cowabunga Lite app. Open iOS 18 file (above) using Cowabunga Lite (click Custom Operation > Click the Import .cowperation button and import above‘.cowperation’ file).
  4. Connect your device to Mac.
  5. Click on the Edit button, and check Enable.
  6. Back to Cowabunga Lite, click “Apply” button, and click “Apply Tweaks”.
  7. Enjoy!

Enable New Siri UI iOS 18 with Cowabunga Lite (on Windows)

💡 Requirements: Disable Find My iPhone/iPad: Go to Settings > Find My > Find My iPhone/iPad and temporarily turn it off.

  1. Open Cowabunga Lite on Windows (how to download Cowabunga Lite on Windows).
  2. Connect your iDevice to Windows PC.
  3. Make sure the SkipSetup option is selected in the Setup Options tab.
  4. In File Explorer, go to %APPDATA%/CowabungaLite/ Workspace (or paste the path into the Run app), find your UUID, then go to SkipSetup/ ManagedPreferencesDomain/ mobile.
  5. Add the file that you downloaded using the above button.
  6. Back to Cowabunga Lite home, click on the Apply tab in the left sidebar.
  7. Then click the Apply Tweaks button.

Cydia Jailbreak iOS 18

Cydia is known for providing a range of customization options for jailbroken devices. However, the latest iOS 18 beta is not officially jailbreakable yet. To bridge this gap, Cydia Plus offers a perfect solution.

Cydia Plus is a virtual jailbreak solution for iOS 18 to iOS 15.0. It lets you enjoy jailbreak features like customizations, tweaked apps, and jailbreak stores without needing an actual jailbreak. Compatible with both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices, Cydia Plus is easy to install and use.

How to install Cydia Plus iOS 18 (Cydia iOS 18)

1. Cydia Plus iOS 18 with Bootstra AI

Bootstra AI can generate your device compatible Cydia Plus version and install it simply. 

2. Cydia Jialbreak iOS 18 with iOSPack Store

Cydia Plus can be installed by virtual jailbreaking your iOS 18 device using tools like jailbreak iOS 18 (virtual), Dopamine jailbreak iOS 18 (virtual), or Chayote jailbreak iOS 18 (virtual). These tools allow you to virtually jailbreak your device and install the Cydia Plus. Once you have the iOSPack Store, you can easily download and install virtual jailbreak tools and Cydia Plus to enjoy enhanced features and customizations on your device.

Dopamine Jailbreak iOS 18

The official Dopamine jailbreak tool is compatible only with iOS 15.0 – 16.5.1 (arm64e) and iOS 15.0 – 16.6.1 (arm64). But it does not support iOS 18.0 – 17.0 all iOS devices. So virtual jailbreak is the best way to run Dopamine jailbreak iOS 18.0 – 17.0 all iPhone and iPad devices.

You can get a virtual jailbreak experience with the Dopamine iOS 18 jailbreak tool. It is only a virtual jailbreak, and you can install Cydia Plus or SIleo Plus as a virtual jailbreak package manager.

Download iOS 18.0 beta / iPadOS 18.0 beta

Important: Firstly, backup your iPhone or iPad device. 

Always back up your data and files before installing beta versions of iOS / iPadOS. You can get backups on your device using ‘Finder’, or iTunes, by connecting a Windows or Mac PC.

If your device running iOS 16.4 or later,

  1. Go to Settings > General > Software Update > Beta Updates > Select “iOS 18 Developer Beta” > Go back
  2. Now you can see iOS 18 Beta profile > Click “Update Now”.

Note: Please ensure that your iPhone is signed in with the Apple ID associated with your Apple Developer account to access the beta software.

iOS 18 beta download 1
iOS 18 beta download 2
iOS 18 beta download 3

If you’re not seeing the option to turn on beta updates or iOS 18 appear:

  1. Check that your device is running iOS 16.4 or later.
  2. Try quitting and relaunching the Settings app.
  3. Try restarting your iPhone.

If your device running iOS 16.3.1 or earlier

  1. Download the configuration profile from the Apple official site download page.
  2. After downloading the config profile, install it and upgrade iOS 18 Beta profile.

iOS 18 Features (iPhone iOS 18 beta)

iOS 18 Features List

➡️ Apple Intelligence (AI)

➡️ Homescreen Arrangements

➡️ Arrange icons wherever you want

➡️ Dark mode icons

➡️ Control Center Customizations

➡️ Photos App Redesign

➡️ Messages Enhancements

iPadOS 18 Features (iPadOS 18 beta)

iPadOS 18 Features List

➡️ Same features for customization as iOS 18

➡️ Floating tab bar with new customization

➡️ updated animations

➡️ Calculator on iPad

➡️ Math Notes

➡️ Screen sharing with live drawing

➡️ Freeform adds scenes

➡️ Smart Script to clean up your Handwriting

iOS 18 supports devices

iOS 18 is expected to support a wide range of Apple devices. Here is the list of compatible iPhones and iPad devices for iOS 18.

iOS 18 supports iPhones:

1. iPhone 15 Pro Max

2. iPhone 15 Pro

3. iPhone 15 Plus

4. iPhone 15

5. iPhone 14 Pro Max

6. iPhone 14 Pro

7. iPhone 14 Plus

8. iPhone 14

9. iPhone 13 Pro Max

10. iPhone 13 Pro

11. iPhone 13

12. iPhone 13 mini

13. iPhone 12 Pro Max

14. iPhone 12 Pro

15. iPhone 12

16. iPhone 12 mini

17. iPhone 11 Pro Max

18. iPhone 11 Pro

19. iPhone 11

20. iPhone XS Max

21. iPhone XS

22. iPhone XR

23. iPhone SE (3rd generation)

24. iPhone SE (2nd generation)

iOS 18 supports iPads:

 iPad Pro (2022 and newer)

2. iPad Air (2022 and newer)

3. iPad mini (2022 and newer)

4. iPad (2022 and newer)

5. iPad Pro (2021 and newer)

6. iPad Air (2021 and newer)

7. iPad mini (2021 and newer)

8. iPad (2021 and newer)

9. iPad Pro (2020 and newer)

10. iPad Air (2020 and newer)

11. iPad mini (2020 and newer)

12. iPad (2020 and newer)

13. iPad Pro (2018 and newer)

14. iPad Air (2019 and newer)

15. iPad mini (2019 and newer)

iOS 18 Wallpapers (iPhone)

iOS 18 WWDC 2024 Wallpapers (iPhone)

iOS 18 wallpapers (concept wallpapers)

iOS 18 wallpapers are expected to be vibrant, dynamic, and customizable, featuring modern designs and patterns that enhance the user interface. They will likely offer more customization options and integrate easily with Home Screen and Lock Screen widgets and app icons.

Below is a list of concept wallpapers for iOS 18.

iOS 18 jailbreak solutions

Official jailbreak tools do not support iOS 18 beta yet. However, there are still numerous of safe customization options available for your iOS 18 device.

Bootstra AI iOS 18 Jailbreak

Jailbreak iOS 18 with bootstra AI. Bootstra AI is a AI powerd virtual jailbreak tool for iOS and iPadOS devices.

Bootstra AI latest update v1.4 is compatible for iOS 18 beta all devices. More customization options for iOS 18.0 devices can be added without jailbreaking them by using Bootstra AI.