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The World’s 1st AI Jailbreaking Tool For iOS / iPadOS

Your jailbreak assistant is ready for you!

Bootstra AI Tool With Jailbreak Prompts

Explore your AI jailbreak experience!

Bootstra AI is an AI jailbreak tool for iOS and iPadOS users to jailbreak and customize their devices.

Bootstra AI Jailbreak – iOS Jailbreak AI tool

Bootstra AI gives you speedy solutions to find jailbreak tools (with compatibility for you), iOS customization apps (and app stores), virtual jailbreak tools, tweaked apps, hacked games, iOS launchers, and the most popular iOS repo extractor tools.

Bootstra AI Features

✨ iOS 17.0 – iOS 17.4 / iOS 16.x / iOS 15.x Bootstra AI jailbreak solutions.

✨ iOS 17.x – iOS 14.x iOS Customizations with AI prompts.

✨ Bootstra AI generates jailbreak AI solutions. 

✨ Premium jailbreak prompts are available for Bootstra AI membership.

✨ One payment for lifetime access with a Bootstra AI membership.

✨ The upcoming Bootstra AI prompts availability (with Bootstra AI membership).

✨ Bootstra AI only supports “Bootstra jailbreak prompts” (include Bootstra AI tool).

✨ 100% safety guaranteed.

✨ 24/7 support service.

Download Bootstra AI jailbreak tool for iOS and iPadOS

Most Popular Bootstra AI Prompts 

The latest updated Bootstrap AI jailbreak prompts are here.

Discover safe and easy methods for personalizing your iOS / iPadOS devices with AI jailbreak prompts compatible with Bootstra AI.:

  1. Virtual Jailbreak Prompts:
    • These tools allow you to virtually jailbreak your iOS device, simulating the process without fully jailbreaking your device.
    • Ideal for running virtual jailbreak tools without any real risk to your device.
  2. Jailbreak Prompts:
    • Access prompts related to jailbreak IPAs and jailbreak iPA Stores.
    • For example, you might find prompts for the iPAjailz Store here.
    • Jailbreak prompts for accessing resources to jailbreak your device and get additional features.
  3. Trending AppStore Prompts:
    • Explore prompts related to popular trending app stores.
    • Like iTweaked Store, TrollsMeStore,e and more.
    • Such as iTweaked Store and TrollsMe Store to find popular IPA apps. 
  4. App Manager Prompts:
    • These prompts cater to both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.
    • Cydia Plus, Sileo Plus, and more app manager prompts are here.
  5. iOS Customization Prompts:
    • iOS / iPadSO customization app prompts are available to support Bootstra AI.
    • Customize your iOS device safely without jailbreaking using the best customization apps and appstores by checking Bootstra AI.
  6. Repo Extractor Prompts:
    • Access popular repo extractor prompts to extract jailbreak resources supported by Bootstra AI.
    • Repo extractors for extracting jailbreak apps and more jailbreak solutions compatible with your device.
  7. IPA Stores Prompts:
    • Explore up-to-date IPA Stores, tweaked app stores, and iPA collection of unlocked premium features.
    • Perfect for enhancing your app experience without paying for one by one apps.
    • These iPAStores prompts are support Bootstra Ai
  8. iOS Launches Prompts:
    • iOS Launchers provide new interfaces and homescreen customization.
    • Find the most popular iOS launchers with Bootstra AI prompts.
  9. Operating System Prompts:
    • While iOS is the primary operating system for Apple devices, this section includes prompts related to other operating systems.
    • Explore old macOS, Android OS, and more with Operating System prompts.
  10. Online Game Prompts:
    • Discover game stores and prompts for online games.
    • Easily download and play games using these prompts with Bootstra AI.

These prompts are all available with the Bootstra AI tool.

Main Jailbreak Prompts

Dopamine Jailbreak Prompt:

Dopamine virtual jailbreak is compatible with iOS 17.4 (17.x) – 14.0 all iOS devices. It is a virtual jailbreak experience for the latest iOS devices.

Bootstra is an AI tool for iOS/iPadOS jailbreak users. So the Dopamine jailbreak prompt is a compatible Bootstra AI tool.

Unc0ver Jailbreak Prompt:

Unc0ver is a popular jailbreak tool. But it is not compatible with the latest iOS devices, like iOS 17.x. So virtual Unc0ver is the best option for latest iOS devices to jailbreak their devices virtually. It is not an official jailbreak, only a virtual jailbreak solution. 

The Unc0ver jailbreak prompt is available with Bootstra AI. 

Taurine Jailbreak Prompt:

Taurine is another jailbreak tool for iOS. It officially does not support the latest iOS versions, like iOS 17.4 (17.x). But if you want to get experience with the Taurine jailbreak. This is the best opportunity for you. Virtual Taurine jailbreak supports the latest all iOS versions including iOS 17.4. Taurine virtual jailbreak prompt is available with Bootstra AI. 

Cheyote Jailbreak Prompt:

Also, the Cheyote virtual jailbreak tool is another way to jailbreak your device virtually. But it is not a real jailbreak with iOS root access. It is running to download popular virtual jailbreak package managers for the latest iOS devices. 

Cydia Plus , Sileo Plus and Anemone Plus Prompts:

These are virtual jailbreak package managers and customization stores. These are compatible with all the latest iOS versions, like iOS 17.x (iOS 17.4, etc.).

The Bootstra AI tool can run these package managers with suitable prompts.

Repo Extractor Prompts:

A Repo Extractor is a tool that lets you access and install tweaks, themes, and other modifications for your iOS device without fully jailbreaking it. It extracts content from specific repositories (repos) and enhances your device’s functionality safely. 

The best repo extractor tool prompt collection is available with Bootstra AI. 

iOS 17.3.1 and iOS 17.4 Jailbreak AI

Bootstra AI tool is compatible with the latest iOS devices, including iOS 17.3.1 and iOS 17.4. Jailbreak prompt  iOS 17.4 for virtual jailbreak tools, official jailbreak tool compatibility checker, and all customizations are here with Bootstra AI tool. 

This is the best AI assistant for you to customize your latest iOS/iPadOS device. 

Upcoming Bootstra Prompts:

Upcoming official Bootstra Prompts are added to Bootstra AI tools and will be notified for you with this page and BootstraAI social media. 

Bootstra AI latest Updates

Bootstra AI latest updates are received for Bootstra AI members. 

Bootstra AI Membership

The best opportunity for you to be a member of the world’s first AI jailbreak tool with Bootstra AI membership.

After downloading the Bootstra AI tool, you are automatically added to the Bootstra AI membership.