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iOS 17.4 — 17.4.1 Jailbreak

Jailbreak iOS 17.4 — 17.4.1 the biggest opportunity for you. More jailbreak solutions are compatible with your iPhone and iPad devices.

Bootstra AI iOS 17.4 — 17.4.1 Jailbreak

Bootstra AI offers you to best opportunity for run virtual jailbreak with jailbreaking AI tool. Bootstra AI offers collection of premium jailbreaking prompts to run virtual jailbreak and more customizations for your iOS/iPadOS devices.

Bootstra AI Official Prompts:

🎁 Jailbreak iOS 17.4 — 17.4.1 Prompts (Virtual Jailbreak)

🎁 Jailbreak package manager prompts

🎁 Tweaked Stores prompts (more)

🎁 iOS/iPadOS customization stores prompts

🎁 Repo Extractors prompts

🎁 Popular Jailbreak stores prompts

🎁 Operating Systems prompts

🎁 Game stores prompts

🎁 iOS launchers prompts

🎁 iOS theme stores prompts 

🎁 and more than prompts for customize your iOS 17.4 — 17.4.1 device.

You can unlock advanced features, tweak apps, iOS themes, and personalize your iPhone and iPad like never before using Bootstra AI jailbreaking tool.

iOSPack Store 17.4 — 17.4.1 Jailbreak

iOSPack is third-party jailbreak store for iOS / iPadOS users. iOSPack latest update is compatible with iOS 17.4 — 17.4.1 all iPhone and iPad devices.

Important of iOSPack Store:

💎 Virtual jailbreaking tools are available for iOS 17.4 — 17.4.1

  • Dopamine Jailbreak
  • Unc0ver Jailbreak
  • Xina Jailbreak
  • Cheyote Jailbreak
  • JBRunner and more

💎 Cydia Plus, Sileo Plus and Anemone Plus package managers.

💎 Trending Top 5 IPA apps in the world (Up-to-date).

💎 Tweaked IPA Stores.

💎 iOS Theme Stores.

💎 Virtual OS Stores for iOS devices.

💎 TrollStore IPA collection.

💎 Game stores and more than the latest store collection.

📱 Download iOSPack Store (direct) ⬇️

📱 Show iOSPack Include apps ⬇️

Dopamine Jailbreak iOS 17.4 — 17.4.1

Official Dopamine is a rootless jailbreak designed for arm64 (A9 — A11) and arm64e (A12 — A16, M1 — M2) devices. It supports iOS versions 15.0 to 16.6.1.

Virtual Dopamine Jailbreak supports iOS 17.4 — 17.4.1 all the latest iPhone devices. It is only virtual jailbreak experience. You can install Cydia Plus or Sileo Plus with virtual jailbreak tool.

How to download Dopamine jailbreak iOS 17.4 — 17.4.1

Dopamine jailbreak can be installed through Bootstra AI or iOSPack store.

Dopamine Jailbreak through Bootstra AI

  1. Firstly download and install Bootstra AI too.
  2. Download Bootstra AI (click to download Bootstra AI)
  1. If you already have bootstra AI, open it. If you do not have Bootstra AI yet, download and install it using above link, next open it.
  2. Go to “Prompts” section and find “Dopamine Jailbreak” and copy prompt.
  3. Back to Bootstra AI home, paste prompt and tap “Run’ button.
  4. After generating Dopamine jailbreak downloading button, tap it.
  5. Download and install Dopamine Jailbreak (virtual).
  6. Enjoy!

Dopamine Jailbreak through iOSPack Store

  1. If you already have iOSPack Store, open it. If you do not have iOSPack app yet, download and install it using the below link. Next, open it.
  2. Download iOSPack Store (click on download link)
  3. Open iOSPack app and go to the “Jailbreak Solutions” section.
  4. Find and tap “Dopamine jailbreak”.
  5. Download and install Dopamine jailbreak (virtual).
  6. Enjoy!

iPhone Themes iOS 17.4 — 17.4.1 [No Jailbreak]

Through the iThemeHub theme store, iOS users can customize and personalize their iPhone and iPad devices without having to jailbreak them. iThemeHub allows iOS 14.0 — 17.5.1 all iPhone devices to install themes simply. Cowabunga and Cowabunga Lite tools make it easy to install iThemeHub themes. 

💡 iThemeHub New Update!

The iThemeHub latest update is compatible with the latest iOS 17.5.1 — 17.4 devices and adds a new iOS theme collection for all devices.

Cydia Plus for iOS 15 and higher Cydia Download iOS