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TrollsMe Store – Your Gateway to the Ultimate TrollStore 2 Experience!

[TrollStore 2 IPA Installer]

TrollsMe Store: Your All-In-One Store

Permanently jailbreak your iOS or iPadOS device (iOS 15-16.1.2) with TrollStore 2. Install any IPA you desire – the possibilities are endless!

TrollsMe Store makes it easy: browse and download the latest TrollStore 2 compatible IPAs, all in one simple, user-friendly store.

TrollsMe is day-to-day updating with TrollStore compatible new IPAs added and updating the latest version of old apps.

Download TrollStore 2 for iOS 17.0 - iOS 15.5

Compatibility of TrollsMe Store

TrollsMe is designed to cater to a wide range of iOS devices, ensuring compatibility for a diverse user base.

TrollsMe is based on the TrollStore 2 IPA Installer. TrollStore 2 is compatible with iOS devices that are compatible with the TrollsMe App Store.

Both TrollStore and TrollsMe are compatible with iOS versions and devices.

✅ iOS 17.0 (A8-A11)

✅ iOS 16.5.1 – 16.6.1 (A8-A11)

✅ iOS 15.6 – 16.5 (A8-A17)

TrollsMe Features

TrollsMe TrollStore IPA Installer AppStore

1. All-In-One Convenience:

TrollsMe brings you the entire collection of the latest TrollStore 2 support IPAs in one cohesive app. Enjoy the ease of access to a multitude of applications without the hassle of searching through various platforms.

2. Up-to-Date IPAs:

Stay ahead of the curve with TrollsMe. The TrollsMe app is continuously updated with the latest IPAs, ensuring you always have access to the newest and most exciting content available on TrollStore 2.

3. Exclusive TrollStore Access:

TrollsMe opens the gateway for TrollStore users, granting exclusive access to all TrollStore-compatible apps within the TrollsMe app. Experience a curated selection of TrollStore 2 IPAs in a user-friendly environment.

4. Intuitive Design, Seamless Experience:

Explore, download, and install your favorite IPAs effortlessly, elevating your overall experience.

Downloading TrollsMe Store – A Seamless Process

Step 1: Get iOSPack Store

➤ Download the iOSPack Store.

➤ Open the iOSPack Store to begin your journey.

Step 2: Discover TrollsMe

➤ Navigate to the “Most Popular” section within the iOSPack Store.

➤ Locate and select “TrollsMe Store” from the list.

Step 3: Tap and Install

➤ With a simple tap, initiate the installation process for TrollsMe Store.

➤ Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation successfully.

TrollSore compatibility Checker

TrollStore Finder is a web-based tool for checking TrollStore compatibility. You can check TrollStore compatibility and how to install TrollStore 2 or TrollStore Helper app.

How to install TrollStore 2 App

TrollStore is a permasigned jailed app that can permanently install any IPA you open in it.

Features of TrollStore 2 »

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Installing TrollStore 2 IPA Collection – A Guided Experience

After successfully installing TrollsMe Store, you’ll find a step-by-step guide within the app. Follow the simple instructions to install the TrollStore 2 IPA collection effortlessly. Unlock the full potential of your iOS device with TrollsMe, your ultimate TrollStore 2 companion.

Don’t miss out on the latest and greatest TrollStore 2 IPA Installer on the TrollsMe Store today and elevate your iOS experience to new heights!

TrollsMe Alternatives

TrollStore 2 and TrollStore Helper can easily install TrollsMe IPAs. But if your iOS device is not supported to TrollStore (ex: iOS 17.3.1, 17.2 like these), you can not install TrollsMe IPA apps via TrollStore. TrollStore alternatives are the best way for you to upgrade your iOS experience to the next level.  

1. iTweaked Store

iTweaked Store is a collection of tweaked apps and hacked games. All apps have premium features unlocked for you with iTweaked Store. It is the best alternative for TrollsMe.

More details about iTweaked Store »

2. iColony Store

It is a popular appstore to install the latest IPA apps with unlocked features. If your device is running iOS 17.4 beta, iOS 17.3.1 – 15.0, iColony Store is supported.